Line editing & copyediting services that transform nonfiction manuscripts into quality books through a meticulous professional editing process.





a selection of nonfiction books i've edited and proofread for independent authors and publishers

Why professional editing is important...

Have you written a manuscript but are unsure of how to move forward? With your written work finished, the challenging part of the process begins – getting it out there.

Now that the idea in your head has translated into words in pages, there's this overwhelming question about what comes next.

  • Can you now self-publish your manuscript or send it to literary agents?

  • What type of editor should you hire? Should you even hire one?

  • Are your story and tone coherent enough for your readers to get hooked until the last word?

  • Does your book meet the industry standards?

Your story may be good and worth sharing, but as you probably know, it's hard to be objective and see what needs improvement when it comes to your own material. After all, it's your heart and soul poured out on its pages.

Here's where a professional editor, like myself, comes in!

I offer substantive editing, line editing, and copy editing services – three distinct yet overlapping editing types.


Have you finished the first (or second) draft of your manuscript, and now you don't know where to start in your publishing journey? Then, this service is for you!

Substantive editing focuses on the macro aspect of the manuscript – overall structure and organization, coherence, and content – and some of the micro aspects, like flow, tone, and transition.

This edit is essential if you want a manuscript that effectively communicates your ideas and demonstrates your authority and knowledge through well-structured, coherent, and engaging content.

Does your manuscript have a solid overall structure, but the words and sentences somehow don't flow well? Perhaps you're not sure if your words make sense to the reader, or if your sentences are too long-winding, making them lost in it – or worse, bored!

This service fixes all that and more!

Line editing focuses on effectively communicating the author's message and intentions. It refines the manuscript's readability, sentence structure, tone, and language and makes it more engaging to its target readers.

This edit is recommended if you want to enhance your manuscript's readability and impact to keep your reader's interest.

editing types i offer to help make your manuscript stand out
Checks & fixes:
  • content organization

  • flow and transition of chapters, sections, and paragraphs

  • completeness and construction of ideas

  • audience alignment

  • relevance of content

  • facts

  • gaps in logic and argument

Checks & fixes:
  • sentence structure and organization

  • word choice

  • tone and style consistency

  • wordiness, redundancy, and clichés

  • flow and transitions

  • verb tense usage

  • changes in point of view

  • sensitivity concerns

Is your manuscript in need of that important polish to perfection before it crosses the publishing finish line? Perhaps you're confident with how you've conveyed your message, but grammar and consistency just aren't your strongest suits. Then, this service will surely help!

Copyediting is the last – and most basic – phase of the editing process. It focuses on technical correctness, consistency, and adherence to established style and grammar rules.

This edit is recommended if you want to produce a polished book that meets the publishing standards.

Checks & fixes:
  • grammar, syntax & usage

  • ​consistency in spelling, capitalization, punctuations, abbreviations & terminologies

  • infelicities

  • style & formatting

  • wordiness, convolutions & redundancies

  • passive voice

  • incorrect facts

  • citations & references, cross references, tables & figures, etc.​

  • potential legal issues & ethical concerns




After working with a professional editor, you'll walk away not only with a quality manuscript but also . . .
  • a boosted confidence in the success of your book

  • a validation of your effort and dedication to your work

  • insights to grow and develop your writing skills for future projects, and

  • a sense of accomplishment!

. . . but don't just take my word for it. Check out what other authors are saying!

If you are looking for someone who will guide you through the process in the most gentle way, then Carmela is your person. She performed in a highly professional manner ... an amazing talent. Carmela offered way more than I expected and she made my "first time" an easy and educational experience.

- Ann-Marie E.

Carmela is extremely professional. Exceptional. Nothing rushed, perfectly on time, meticulous. My manuscript was a mess when we started. After Carmela, it's a work of art.

- Anthony S.

I want to write another book just to work with Carmela again! In addition to the fact that she is a skilled editor, she is the epitome of personal and professional. Getting your manuscript ready for publishing is so stressful, but she only left me with the feeling of ease, excitement and satisfaction with her timely process and work ethic ... a true joy from beginning to end.

- Ellie P.

Thank you for your thoughtful and comprehensive 1st edit of the manuscript. ... I feel like I have a great partner on this project and am grateful for your attention to detail and thoughtful suggestions. The manuscript already reads so much better.

- Josephine P.


a compilation of testimonials from some authors who worked with me

I'm glad that Carmela understands the meaning behind my book. I know that my grammar isn’t the best, but I do get my intent across, especially with Carmela, my editor.

She has made this much more enjoyable than I ever thought. ... She helped me with my words, thinking, not thinking and my blonde moments in editing my first book. I really liked working with her and having her humor to help me along the way.

- Beth H.


Hi, I'm Carmela Julian Valencia!

I started my career in publishing in 2018 as a freelance writer and content manager for websites and online publications.

After getting equipped with qualified certificates and courses in book editing, I completely transitioned my editing services to nonfiction books as a line editor and copyeditor. Since then, I have worked with publishing companies, coaches, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the globe and transformed raw manuscripts into quality, publishable books.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Journalism, complemented by certificates in Editing Mastery and in Screenwriting and the Editorial Freelancers Association's supplemental course in Line Editing for Fiction and Nonfiction.

Immersing in the world of fiction (both on screen and paper!), spending quality time with my family and our three lovable dogs, and practicing self-care have all hugely occupied my usual days.

On special days, I take pleasure in traveling and seeing the world. My job grants me the opportunity to see a glimpse into different corners of the world through my clients' stories, making my own journey in seeing the world more special and enriching.

Are you ready to . . .

Transform your nonfiction manuscript into a captivating book?

It's not enough to simply write a book; it must effectively convey your message and align with your target reader's interest and expectations. Your book should command attention and resonate deeply with your readers.

Position yourself as an authority in your industry?

In any industry, establishing credibility is essential for attracting and retaining clients. Your book serves as a powerful tool to build trust and credibility, ultimately converting readers into loyal followers and clients.

Invest in your book's success and achieve your publishing goals?

Editing your book is more than just a step in the publishing process; it's an investment in the success of your work. With the right editing services, you can ensure that your book reaches its full potential and resonates with readers.